About Dayanch Health-improving Center

Dayanch Health-improving Center

Dayanch Health-improving Center that was built on order of the National Center of labor Unions of Turkmenistan, is the fruit of the paternal concern of our Esteemed President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov about the health recovery and organization of cultural rest of citizens of Turkmenistan in Avaza National Touristic Zone.

In the state program «Health» of our dear president Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, the measures on the citizens’ health protection and promotion, strengthening of the material-technical base of the health protecting organizations are provided. Guided by this program, Dayanch Health-improving Center offers to the vacationers wide variety of recovering and strengthening services.

Enriched with iodine, water and air of the Caspian Sea are the distinctive sole balsam for the bronchial [spasmodic] asthma and bronchitis treatment. In addition to this, the disease like neurotic diseases, diseases of locomotive system, rheumatism, gynecological diseases and diseases of the urinary tract and genitals are treated here. Hot clay treatment also influences the body members in good way. This effect is due to the physicochemical characteristics of clay, usage rules and the body condition of the patient.

During one period of the treatment, 9-10 clay daubing must be done and they must alternate with the 9-10 medicinal bat- hs. By this continuous treatment, the numerous diseases like gathering of the salt in knees and joints, cold of the lumbar bones, rheumatism, women’s diseases, infertility, neurotic diseases are healed or prevented. The medicinal massage, water treatment, physical culture and physiotherapy rooms are also operating here. Clay baths, baths with medicinal herbs, alternating of the heliotherapy, health-improving exercises and massage treatment are continuously used in the center. That is why the fame, glory and authority of this health-improving center is increasing day by day.


Around the pools, located on the central territory, there are shower and changing rooms. Taking the sun baths under the doctor control, breathing the bromine and iodine-enriched maritime air during the morning walk on the shore are the most important factors that are also prolong human lifetime


On the first floor of the health-improving building the reception rooms of the doctors, therapeutic rooms, dentist, and gynecological cabinets are located, physiotherapeutic and water treatment, paraffin and clay treatment, massage, mechanic massage chair and other health-improving and recovering services are offered. In present time more than 16 health-improving and recovering services are offered, in the fitness hall different drinks with the medicinal herbs are offered. It is stipulated to increase the number of the health-improving services.